In 2005, Palencia School closed due to lack of funding. While on a medical trip, two doctors from Wenatchee, WA started dreaming and asking questions about reopening Palencia school. In 2006 Instituto Evangelico America Latina, under the administration of Clinicas America Latina re-opened Palencia School with only two pre-school grades and 13 children (8 in Pre-kindergarten and 5 in Kindergarten). At the same time Palencia School started working with the Palencia Sponsorship Program and a small group of people from Wenatchee gladly helped in this project. Ever since then, Palencia School has been opening a new class each year. People from Washington, Arizona, Illinois, Tennessee and Texas joined in and are supporting the Palencia Sponsorship Program. Palencia School became a part of Ministry of Fundacion La Mision in 2009 and, through this project, education has been provided for over eighty (80) children. In 2012, we have one hundred seventy five (175) children and we have opened the 6th grade. None of these children would be able to get this kind of education, secular or Christian, anywhere else in town. We pray God allows us to continue serving these children.