Youth Scholarship

The purpose of this project is to look for the development of young people in various Guatemalan communities, and those who volunteer with La Mision, by providing them with a scholarship. This is for all those who have shown leadership and service. The objective is also to develop these students as health care promoters in their communities and as future professionals who will collaborate with La Mision. All this will end up in bringing a better quality of life for their families and will also have an impact in their communities by the creation of employment and by the setting of role models to other young people to follow. Show each and every one of these teenagers God’s love through this help, and have them acknowledge that this is God’s gift for them to achieve the purpose they were created for: Serve and Love God with all their heart, and their talent, by showing the character of Christ to those who surround them. All this will generate spiritual leaders in communities who can spread the Word of God in their villages. Among those scholarships, we have provided support for:

1. Nursing school

2. High School (some need to travel long distances to finish school)

3. Elementary Teacher Profession

4. Occupational and craftsmanship academy (welding, carpentry, mechanics, etc)

5. University (soon to come) This is so people bring this knowledge to their communities and collaborate with La Mision when we visit them for clinics.

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